Teeth Whitening Gift Cards Special!

Birmingham Dentist Teeth Whitening Gift Card

Give the gift of WHITE TEETH this Holiday season with Greystone Smile Design‘s teeth whitening gift cards.  And from now until Christmas, you can buy one and gift one with our BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF DEAL!

Happy Holidays from Greystone Smile Design!

Read on for options and pricing…

I.  Take Home Trays – $250

If you have had some success with over-the-counter whitening products, this may be the option for you.  It’s actually a step up from the over-the-counter systems due primarily to the delivery method, which is able to hold the whitening agent against the teeth more successfully.  An impression of your teeth is taken and custom trays are fabricated.  The whitening agent is dispensed and comes in Daytime or Nighttime products.  Night White is to be used at least 4 hours overnight, while Day White is for 30 minutes during the day until desired results are achieved (1-2 weeks).  Both come with 4 whitening syringes.  Additional 4 syringe refill packages are $30.

II.  1 Hour In-Office Power Bleaching – $350

For those who do not like wearing the trays, 1 Hour In-Office Power Bleaching may be your treatment of choice.  A protective barrier is placed over the gums and two 20 minute treatments of 35% hydrogen peroxide are completed.  This procedure is comparable to Zoom, but uses chemical activation instead of light activation.  Desensitizers are used before and after treatment.

III.  Take Home Trays with 1 Hour In-Office Power Bleaching – $450

For more predictable results with the 1 Hour In-Office Power Bleaching, a combination of option I and II is recommended.  The trays can be used before or after the Power Bleaching session and can help keep your teeth white over time.

IV.  1 Hour In-Office Power Bleaching DOUBLE – $550

This is Option II done on consecutive days.  The second session allows the bleach to penetrate the tooth more effectively resulting in better outcomes.

V. Take Home Trays with 1 Hour In-Office Power Bleaching DOUBLE – $650

Combination of option I and IV.  The trays allow you to maintain your new WHITE smile.

VI.  Deep Bleaching – MAX – $950, ULTRA – $1150

Deep Bleaching is the “granddaddy of them all.”  The Max or Ultra depends on the initial shade of your teeth.  If you have never been able to bleach your teeth or have never been satisfied with the results, this is your answer!  This is the most predictable technique we offer.  The first visit is for impressions which are sent to our lab in California for the custom tray fabrication.  These trays differ from option I because they are made from a more accurate impression.  Therefore, they fit against the teeth more precisely, making them more comfortable to wear.  During the second visit, the fit of the trays is confirmed and the process is explained in detail (Max).  And, an in-office conditioning visit is performed for the Ultra.  Then, the trays are worn overnight for the next two weeks (6-8 weeks for the Ultra).  The final visit is what we like to call the “WOW” visit, which consists of the final in-office whitening session.  The Deep Bleaching package also comes with at-home desensitizers, a patient instructional DVD, and a tray case.  While you are in treatment (prior to the final in-office visit), whitening syringes are included (3 syringes for Max, 6 syringes for Ultra).  Additional at home whitening syringes may be purchased for $30.

***Buy one gift card, get one half off deal expires December 22, 2017.  When buying one gift card, half off gift card must be equal or lesser value.  To redeem gift cards, please call to schedule an appointment.