Our Mission Statement

Highway 280 Dentist

Our main purpose is to have happy patients with healthy teeth by means of the most advanced technology and impeccable customer service.  We are not a clinic; quite the opposite.  We deliver an experience of which most are not accustomed.  We use the most modern techniques to ensure our patients get the very best we have to offer.  We care, and we know that each tooth is connected to a real person.  We treat our patients with respect, and we are nonjudgmental in our recommendations.  We are the new age of dentistry, and our attitude, generosity, and concern reflect it.

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Birmingham, AL Virtual Cosmetic Smile Simulation

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Digital Xrays

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Cone Beam CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Greystone Smile Design, the office of Shelby County and Highway 280 dentist Dr. Trent Buchanan, is proud to offer 3D cone beam CT technology for guided dental implant surgery.

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Birmingham Dentist Mobile App

Greystone Smile Design, the office of Highway 280 and Shelby County dentist Dr. Trent Buchanan, is proud to offer the convenience of our new mobile app.

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Birmingham Dentist App

Introducing the Greystone Smile Design app for iPhone, Android, HTML5, and iPad.  Stay current on coupons, blog posts, facebook updates, tweets, and all the latest technology from the palm of your hand.

Also with the touch of a button, you can have access to our email address, phone number, and website.  Even better, we’ve made it easier to send a picture from your phone for our Virtual Smile Makeover simulation.  Stay in the loop and get the Greystone Smile Design app today!  And, best of all, it’s FREE! 

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Insurance Friendly

birmingham alabama dentistA New Way To Numb

In the dental office, we never mention the “n” word…the one that rhymes with beedle.  If it weren’t for the “beedles,” maybe we dentist would be more popular.  Nobody likes “beedles,” but if we didn’t numb your tooth, we definitely wouldn’t remain friends. 

But what if we could numb your tooth without you even knowing it?  Or, better yet, what if we could do some procedures without the use of “beedles” altogether.

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Hoover 35242 Dentist

Silent Nite Anti-Snoring Devicebirmingham dentist

Is your snoring keeping the neighbors awake?  We have the answer for you!  With a success rate of over 80%, the Silent Nite Anti-Snoring device is the most popular on the market.  It can not only help with the noise, but also make you feel more refreshed in the morning.

Studies estimate that 45% of men and 30% of women snore on a regular basis.  Occasional snoring is usually not very serious and is mostly a nuisance for the bed partner of the person who snores. However, the habitual snorer not only disrupts the sleep patterns of those close to him, he also disturbs his own. Habitual snorers snore whenever they sleep and are often tired after a night of what seems like quality rest.

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