Birmingham, AL Teeth Whitening Options

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Dr. Buchanan discusses Teeth Whitening on CBS 42

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Kor Deep Bleaching at Greystone Smile Design

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Highway 119 and 280 Dentist

Birmingham Cosmetic DentistGreystone Smile Design, the office of Hoover-Birmingham dentist Dr. Trent Buchanan, is proud to serve the Greystone and Highway280 area for all of your cosmetic and family dental needs.  Located in the prestigious Greystone Cosmetic Center with Hedden Plastic Surgery, we see patients of all ages.  From cleanings to teeth whitening to porcelain veneers, we are your total dental solution.

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Possible Dangers of Over Bleaching Your Teeth

Birmingham, AL Dentist Dr. Trent Buchanan of Greystone Smile Design, a state of the art family and cosmetic dental practice on Highway 280, discusses with Fox 6 News the possible dangers of over bleaching your teeth.

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The Dark Front Tooth…

The single stained front tooth is one of the most difficult issues that we dentist face.  The discolored tooth is usually from trauma and typically has had a root canal.  The dark tooth is commonly caused by either the root canal filling material, dead tissue within the tooth, or secondary dentin formation (extra second layer of the tooth that is laid down as a protective response).

So, what can you do about it?

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Deep Bleaching Maintenance Instructions

All natural teeth darken with time. It’s normal. It is much better to “maintain” the whiteness of your teeth rather than to let them darken and then touch-up the whiteness.

Waiting until your teeth darken and then touching them up is a losing proposition over time. Keeping your teeth at their maximum whiteness, not allowing them to ever darken is the only sure-fire way to have a lifetime of beautiful white teeth – FOREVER!

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Get a Whiter Smile!

Story by Katie McDowell – Shelby Living Magazine – May 2013Birmingham Teeth Whitening

What do red wine, cigarettes and root canals have in common?

They can all stain your teeth. But don’t fear – the market is now full of products, both over-the-counter and in-office, to give people a whiter teeth.

That’s lucky for those who, whether through vice or circumstance, find themselves with a dingy smile. However, deciding how to whiten your teeth and how to prevent future stains can be overwhelming given the large number of options available.

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Dr. Buchanan discusses Deep Bleaching

Professionally Pearly Whites for the New Year

Treat Your Smile to a Deep Bleaching Like No Other
By: Jane Ehrhardt

It cannot be denied that an extra bling in your smile makes people notice you. So as you kick off your New Year’s resolutions, you might consider adding this unique teeth whitening to your list and put some punch in your pearlies.

Not found at every dentist’s fingertips. In Birmingham, you can find this unusually powerful teeth whitening option at Greystone Smile Design. “Like most dentists, we’ve been frustrated at not getting the whitening results our patients want,” says Dr. Trenton Buchanan. “But the Kor Deep Bleaching system solves all our concerns.”

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Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party Whitening Specials

I.  Take Home Trays

If you have had some success with over-the-counter whitening products, this may be the option for you.  It’s actually a step up from the over-the-counter systems due primarily to the delivery method.  It takes a few days to make the trays and 7-10 days of whitening to get the pearly whites shining!

  •     Bring in 3 from the weddingparty – each $100 off and the BRIDE is FREE!
  •     Bring in 6 – each $100 off and the BRIDE and GROOM are FREE!
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